Lexmark Optra T Fuser Units and Maintenance Kits

Always New Fuser Units and Maintenance Kits for Lexmark Optra T models at the right price


Are you being charged too much for your maintenance costs

Are you an Organisation with an in-house Maintenance  Department or do you have a Contract that excludes these?

See Pricing Below

OPTRA 4520-00x, 2x0 Maintenance Kit 99A2421  105.00 
T520, T522   Fuser 99A2422    85.00 
OPTRA 4069-010, 212 Maintenance Kit 99A1765  105.00 
T610, T612   Fuser 99A1661     85.00 
OPTRA 4069-414, 616 Maintenance Kit 99A1763  105.00 
T614, T616   Fuser 99A1585    85.00 
OPTRA 4069-5XX Maintenance Kit 99A2407  105.00 
T620   Fuser 99A2401    85.00 
OPTRA 4069-7XX Maintenance Kit 99A2410  105.00 
T622   Fuser 99A2404    85.00 
OPTRA 4060 Maintenance Kit 56P1412  105.00 
T630, T632   Fuser 56P1335    85.00 
OPTRA 4060-4XX Maintenance Kit 56P1856  105.00 
T634   Fuser 56P1860    85.00 
OPTRA   Maintenance Kit 40X0101  125.00 
T640, 642, 644   Fuser 40X2590  105.00 



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